Michelle Crowe, Copywriter, Centrifuge Brand Marketing

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Michelle Crowe


Michelle writes memorable copy that moves readers to act. No matter how complex the product or process, Michelle weaves an unforgettable story.

Michelle Crowe standing against brick wall in downtown LaGrange, Illinois

With over 25 years of experience as a writer, Michelle has honed her headlines and become a pro at concise language. She especially enjoys the challenge of turning a mountain of research into hardworking copy. From websites and social media to brochures and postcards, Michelle enjoys building the brands of the industrial manufacturing clients who trust Centrifuge.

"What a joy it is to work with a team of incredibly talented storytellers. Each person on the Centrifuge team is a valuable collaborator and we delight in working together on behalf of our clients."

Michelle savors every bit of the creative process, from the initial brainstorm through performance analytics. She appreciates working with words, which she loves to see come alive in the hands of our talented art directors and video artists.

Michelle has led copy at brands including Banana Republic and Life Fitness. She has been a features writer at the Chicago Tribune and the Houston Chronicle. Along the way, she has spun gold from straw when brands didn't quite know what to say and distilled down vast concepts into digestible nuggets for those who had a great deal to say.

Michelle Crowe beautiful smile in downtown LaGrange, Illinois
Michelle Crowe standing against the fence in downtown LaGrange, Illinois
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