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Brian Moore
Brian Moore

Brian brings our clients’ messages to life, crafting compelling, creative, and persuasive copy that delivers on our promise to separate the brands we serve from their competition.

Possessing a passion for writing, language, and words, Brian earned his journalism degree from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. His skills quickly landed him in leadership roles in newsrooms and guided him to the top of his field at newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, Tampa Bay Times, and RedEye. An award-winning editor and writer, Brian excels at creating clear, concise, and accurate copy; eye-catching headlines; and messaging campaigns that drive measurable results.

Brian has honed his craft over 20-plus years as a reporter, writer, copy editor, digital news editor, content strategist, idea generator, and marketing copywriter. In addition to newspaper writing and editing, Brian has experience building and managing a brand’s social media presence; developing and delivering digital marketing campaigns for non-profits; and helping launch new websites, products, and brands from the ground up.

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