Iwona Ponze, Front-End Developer, Centrifuge Brand Marketing

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Iwona Ponze

Front-End Developer

Iwona combines her comprehensive knowledge of design with programming to create engaging online experiences for our manufacturing clients.

Iwona Ponze in front La Grane building. Hand on brick wall.

Possessing a keen eye for typography, color, and layout hierarchy, Iwona has been creating clean and intuitive user interfaces and user experiences since 1998. She has decades of experience in B2B marketing, serving clients in manufacturing, electronics, construction, distribution, and warehousing.

“I'm passionate about designing clean, intuitive, user-friendly experiences that increase engagement and build strong brands.”

At Centrifuge, Iwona helps ensure the effectiveness and successful execution of our clients’ digital marketing campaigns. She is responsible for overall UI/UX design and implementation; designing, programming, and maintaining websites and digital marketing assets; ensuring the accessibility of websites across digital platforms; and testing websites for ease of use, speed, and other quality benchmarks.

Even after more than 20 years developing and designing websites and digital experiences, Iwona still gets a thrill seeing her coding come to life. She embraces the learning and experimentation required in everchanging mediums like web design and coding. She is a critical thinker, problem solver, and bold communicator. She keeps her eye on the details while envisioning the bigger picture.

Iwona Ponze in downtown La Grange at night.
Iwoan Ponze under stairwell at night
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