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We write, design, and develop the tools you need to build deeper, ongoing connections with your customers and prospects.

Content for meaningful brand interactions

Connect with audiences who want to hear from you, with valued content they are looking for. Share your company’s expertise of markets and applications through meaningful online experiences. Address the needs of customers and prospects with information that solves their business challenges. We help industrial brand marketing leaders implement a range of strategies and tactics that build trust, foster community, and enable deeper connections with their customers.


Your organization has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Prove your leadership in your space by sharing relevant engineering, manufacturing, production, and application insights. Project spotlights, case studies, and how-to articles are just a few of the many blog topics we regularly develop in support of our industrial manufacturing clients.

Social network

Industrial manufacturers now realize the importance of building culture and community within their organization and in their markets. Social media can provide a steady flow of interaction and sharing—both internally and externally. We generate social media posts that inform, educate, and motivate engagement with your blog, your website, and other activities.

Webcast and virtual events

Bring your knowledge and expertise to those most interested. Streaming video allows you to show as well as tell, elevating the impact of your demonstrations and the clarity of your messaging. Content can be presented live or on-demand. User-interaction features can include question-and-answer sessions and participant polls.

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Targeted marketing with your opted-in lists create ongoing engagements with customers and prospects and is highly trackable. Linking to meaningful content at acceptable frequency rates can help build trust in your brand and keep your company top of mind. Content of value that is easily shared creates opportunities for further engagement.

Design tools

Your website can become a powerful tool for building engagements way beyond providing content. Create online tools that make your customers’ jobs easier and you will become an invaluable resource to their business. Centrifuge has deep experience creating database-driven design and specification tools that can move your solution faster through the buy-cycle.

How engaged is your brand?

Are you actively inviting your customers and prospects to participate in your brand? Give us a call; we can show you how to get your brand engaged.

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