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Case Studies

Proof that strategic marketing works, the following case studies provide insights into the gains that can be achieved.

Start by understanding where your brand is and where you want it to be

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Achieving your company’s full potential requires alignment between brand identity and brand image. The merger of two or more companies, cultures, and brands greatly enhances that challenge. Marketers want measurable results for the programs they invest in. Whether your business has been involved in a merger or acquisition, is launching a new product or service, strengthening a channel, or entering a new market, you need a partner that understands ROI.

Brand and Product Integration
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A “stronger horse” strategy for branding means to elevate the better-known brand over the lesser known. Typically, there are unique markets, capabilities, or products that need to be integrated. Internal brand communications are extremely important across the organization.

Phased Brand Integration
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The acquisition of a manufacturer with a well-known brand and established customer relationships may dictate a phased approach to brand integration. Certifications, processes, and approved-vendor status are some of the key considerations for timing of communications.

Endorsed Brand and Rebranding
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Acquiring companies that serve different markets or offer different capabilities may require keeping their individual brands or establishing a new one. The common bond between these companies is the parent company, an endorsed brand architecture that brings added value.

Is your brand involved in a merger or acquisition?

Contact us to consult about your unique brand situation. We can help identify challenges and opportunities to ensure your brand strategy and communications support your business goals.

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