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Case Studies

Proof that strategic marketing works

Marketers want measureable results for the programs they invest in. Whether launching a new product or service, strengthening a channel, or entering a new market, you need a partner that understands ROI. The following case studies provide valuable insights into strategic marketing programs and the gains they have provided.

Case Study 1:
Product launch

Siemens was preparing to launch a new machine control for job shops. This market segment was firmly entrenched by our client’s biggest rival and mostly unfamiliar with the Siemens brand. The marketing communication challenge was made even tougher by constraints imposed by the product development team. Since the new product would not be ready for at least 12 more months, we were asked to promote the product without mentioning it specifically by name.


Deep insights into market perceptions paved the way to engage the imaginations, hearts, and minds of shop owners and control operators. Through our creation of a fictional job shop achieving tremendous productivity gains, and a tenacious news reporter determined to uncover the secret to their success, an intriguing mystery began. A viral video campaign was born, supported by an engaging and intertwined web of microsites and social media. Momentum was built leading up to Siemens' much-anticipated product launch.

Product launch case study

Award-winning video series tied to a promotional website and social sharing captured over 4,000 new leads in a previously untapped market segment.

  • Record booth attendance at the International Machine Tool Show
  • 4,000+ leads captured using web video, social media, and direct mail
Case Study 2:
Taking market share

New Millennium grew through the acquisition of like-minded operations. However, like-minded does not always equate to like-branded. While the client initially thought they only needed to “have some ads created,” we quickly discovered the acquired companies did not fully understand what their new organization stood for. A lack of internal alignment would surely lead to failure in delivering a consistent brand promise.


Success depended on building a cohesive brand identity the entire organization could embrace. With our help to align them internally on vision, mission, and message, New Millennium has become an organization on the move and a brand with momentum. Communications promote the brand experience and added value New Millennium brings to the table. A robust website featuring design tools, ongoing content updates, and educational courses ranks tops in SEO for all targeted keywords.

Market share case study

Internal alignment on brand value, centered on the customer experience, led to the development of interactive web tools that streamline the buying process.

  • Elevated from brand-challenged #4 position to the #2 challenger brand
  • Perception shifted from sub-supplier to preferred partner
Case Study 3:
Brand re-engineering

Dynamatic had lost its relevance and significant market share to a newer technology “perceived” as better. However, the engineering team at Dynamatic had solid evidence their solution still outperformed the competition in certain applications. They needed to reconnect with a market that had all but forgotten them.


To help re-engineer its brand image, we had to establish direction and develop a meaningful brand identity. Research identified key pain points the market had tolerated for far too long. Empowered by insights, we clearly articulated the Dynamatic value proposition through compelling tactics the sales team could rally around. Targeting key segments, an updated website, a sales brochure, case studies, an engineering whitepaper, and articles created brand momentum.

Market share case study

Targeted messaging to a distinct market segment, a clear value proposition, and engaging materials that clearly demonstrated this unique technology scored big with sales.

  • Increased revenue by 30% over a three-year period
  • Greater balance between new system and aftermarket sales

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