Manufacturing marketing communications that breathe life into your industrial brand

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Energize your industrial brand with our team of creative thinkers, idea generators, wordsmiths, art directors, designers, developers, and programmers.

Marketing communications that breathe life into your brand

Industrial brand marketing should not be boring. Give your brand the recognition it deserves. Generate excitement with professional executions across all your brand communications. Drive engagement with creative that breaks through the clutter. Stand out with attention-grabbing visuals and messaging that connects. From online to inbox to in-hand, Centrifuge has the team of creative professionals with the talents and skills to separate your brand from the competition.

Creative direction with relevance
Illustration of Brand energy in the center circle. Relevance circle, Clarity circle, Impact circle, power circle and purpose circle eminating out from center circle.

Your brand will rise above with remarkable executions rooted in sound thinking. Guided by insights and in support of the marketing strategy, we articulate your value proposition and establish the vision for cohesive marketing communication programs. Empowered by big ideas, your brand commands attention because the promise it makes is believable and real.

Copywriting with clarity

Writing for industrial manufacturers requires an understanding of the complexities and technologies involved. We strive to learn the specifics of your markets and applications so we can articulate the trusted voice of your brand. From blogs and case studies, to sales sheets and technical product overviews, to articles and white papers, we generate content that connects.

Art direction and design with impact

Defining and applying the unique visual style of your brand, our skilled art directors and designers utilize their talents across a broad range of media with consistency and precision. From print to digital to social ... photography, fonts, illustrations, color and graphics are but a few of the design tools we bring to bear in support of your brand communications.

Video production with power

Showing is better than telling. We create memorable brand experiences that show how and why your brand excels. We offer end-to-end video production services, including scripting, directing, editing, and post. Animation capabilities include 3D and 2D motion graphics. Our production teams are comfortable on the shop floor, in the boardroom, and on the job site.

Online presence with purpose

Succeeding in today’s competitive online landscape requires a web presence that is fully “able.” And by that we mean “searchable,” “usable,” and “valuable.” We design, develop, and manage complete, custom online platforms that are engaging, highly searchable, easily navigated, and provide the content and resources your prospects and customers need. Marketing automation, inbound and outbound tactics, and social media drive traffic and generate leads.

How “creative” is your brand marketing firm?

The most important outcome of any “creative” effort is the result that it actually creates. Give us a call; we can show you how we create brand separation.

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Separate your brand from the competition.