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From your industry’s top national shows … to regional events … to innovative virtual showcases, make sure your brand commands attention.

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Creating a brand presence at local, regional, national, and international industry trade shows takes a huge commitment. Virtual events place a whole new set of requirements on you. Make sure your investments pay off. Careful planning and team training, pre-show announcements, and post-show follow-ups help ensure you succeed. And when it comes to your booth, whether it’s physical or virtual, one thing is for sure ... your brand message better be clear, and it better be concise. You are competing for attention in a highly distracting environment.

Maximize your opportunity
Virtual showcase

Over 400 attendees joined this online product launch for Siemens North America. The streamed event employed green-screen backgrounds, remote presenters, product demonstrations, and customer testimonials. Two expert learning tracks were followed by an in-depth Q&A session.

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National footprint

Clearly defined booth sections draw visitors to engaging points of interest. Well-trained booth staff with application expertise ensure deep customer engagements. Interactive displays and videos capitalize on opportunities with product features, benefits, and case studies.

New Millennium Trade Show Booth
Market connection

Modular booth design and interchangeable backlit graphics maximize the effectiveness and usability of this display. Graphic “layering” communicates the endorsed-brand structure. Bold visuals supporting key value propositions help drive customer and booth staff interaction.

New Millennium Trade Show Booth
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