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Having a presence at your local, regional, national, and international industry trade shows is a huge commitment. Make sure your investment pays off. Careful planning and team training, pre-show tactics, and post-show follow-ups can help ensure your success. And then there’s your booth: go big or go home. And when we say big, we mean big on message, big on effort, and big on connecting.

New Millennium
New Millennium Tradee Show Booth

This open-design, 20 x 20 booth reflects their steel building system heritage, while clearly defining the four key markets they serve. Large displays serve up eye-catching videos and animation to pull visitors in while demo stations serve to build relationships with interested prospects.

DexSpan Trade Show Booth

In addition to having an optimum location on the show floor, this 20 x 10 booth made a dominating entrance for DexSpan at the National Deck Expo. Captivating with its big bold design, simple clear messaging, and engaging how-to video, visitors immediately connected with the brand promise.

Dynamatic Trade Show Booth

In its fourth design iteration since hitting the National WEFTEC show, Dynamatic’s booth has grown to a dominating 30 x 40 presence. Clear brand value promise up high draws in visitors from across the show floor. Stations are designed to address the needs of the market, including product and technology demonstrations.

Burrow’s Trade Show Booth

“Never wear a tuxedo to a rodeo” — that’s advice well-taken. Burrow’s connected with its builder market with simple, yet bold messaging that felt right at home. Visitors knew exactly what Burrow’s could do for them, with images designed to keep the conversation going.

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