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Our Process

We provide a highly collaborative branding process that is engineered to establish direction, gain momentum, and achieve maximum velocity.

A proven process for building brand

Industrial manufacturers typically better understand the complexities of their products than the process of building brand, and we respect that. We appreciate all the engineering and technologies required to achieve greatness. Business growth revolves around the creation of a well-branded marketing machine, and that’s where we come in. Through the mechanics of our proven process, we will develop your company's brand identity, align your organization on brand promise, and create marketing communications that build brand image.

Step 1:
Establish clear direction
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There is no “smoke and mirrors” in brand identity development. Together, we must establish leadership-level agreement on the values and value propositions that are unique to your company. We begin with a discovery process that engages key leaders within multiple levels of your organization. Our approach is sleeves-rolled-up and hands-on, a process that will help define your brand and your opportunities

We will review key customer segments to identify their challenges and reveal the ways your brand can address the needs of the market. It is through these insights that your company will have a clear direction to move forward.

Built on a framework of values, vision, and mission, we will articulate your brand identity so that it is meaningful to your organization and relevant to the needs of the market. Understanding and belief in the distinct value propositions of your brand will become a driving force for your marketing machine.

Step 2:
Facilitate momentum
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An organization aligned on brand identity and empowered by strategic marketing tools is a synchronized force that delivers on brand promise. Change-management studies recognize that marketing, sales, engineering, and customer service are truly interdependent functions.

We will identify the strategies and tactics necessary to communicate your brand value to your people and to your markets. We will help you build a strategic marketing communications plan as the blueprint to move forward. We will help you establish budgets and timelines based on needs and driven by opportunity.

Through creative executions you will see your brand come to life with a brand promise clear and more impactful than ever before. Your organization will be energized, unified, and rallying around a new sense of purpose. You will see the way forward and feel momentum building.

Step 3:
Accelerate velocity
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In terms of industrial mechanics, velocity is defined as the rate of change from one position to another. Your brand image occupies a position in the customer’s mind. The strategy is to create marketing communication programs that actively help change your brand image from a simple position of awareness to a position of preference, and ultimately to a position of loyalty.

Centrifuge will design and build the website your business needs, with clarity and structure, driven by relevant content and SEO. We will create videos that show how and why your brand is important. We will generate sales tools your teams will use because they believe in them. You will have a strategic range of communications your customers will seek out and engage.

Your marketing machine will be electrified with activity because of the mechanics it was designed and built upon. You will see goals reached and identify new opportunities to grow your business. With Centrifuge, you will achieve velocity with a partner that separates your brand from the competition.

Do you need a collaborative partner to help build your brand?

Contact us to discuss our industrial branding process and how it can bring greater returns to your marketing investments.

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