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Lead Generation

Communicate your brand promise with clarity and impact, connect with relevance, and elevate your perceived value.

A strategic combination of inbound and outbound marketing

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Successful lead generation requires a strategic implementation of multiple tactics. While outbound tactics can be used to create awareness, there is a range of inbound tactics that can generate greater returns on brand investment. Working together, each of these approaches must provide a clear and compelling call-to-action, an offer of valued content designed to motivate engagement. Nurturing a prospect’s initial interest into deeper understanding and then further along the buyer’s journey is key.

Marketing automation
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Strategic lead generation is a committed and ongoing process. Marketing automation software is used to convert unknown visitors to known, while tracking and nurturing them along. Build trust with relevant content that matters and drive meaningful brand engagement with effective messaging that provides value.

Capture data and insights and stay connected. Develop structured programs that nurture leads and facilitate the transition from marketing-qualified lead (MQL) to sales-qualified lead (SQL), driving leads into your team’s CRM.

Take your industrial brand marketing to the next level. Centrifuge is your partner for the development and implementation of programs structured to deliver results.

Strategies and tactics to generate leads
Blogs and case studies

Deliver important insights and proof of your industry and application expertise with content that is searchable, increases traffic, and creates deeper engagement with your website.

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How-to guides and videos

Provide prospects and customers with valuable information that helps elevate their performance and you will build a faithful brand following while capturing new opportunities.

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Website design and SEO

A well-written and designed website, supported with valued content optimized around key search terms, is the cornerstone of your brand’s lead-generation program.

Online design tools

Make it easier, faster, and more effective for your customers and prospects to do their job, and to engage and specify your products or services with interactive tools.

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Influencer marketing and testimonials

Users and satisfied customers are your best brand advocates. Find and grow relationships with trusted experts outside of your organization that can endorse and promote your brand.

Virtual events and webinars

Share your knowledge and expertise with an audience that wants to learn and believes in your brand. Help your prospects and customers better understand the value you offer.

Social media engagement

Build trust in your brand by following the 50/30/20 rule for participation, where 50% is valued content, 30% is educational, and only 20% is selling.

Segmentation and personalization

Know your markets ... and know individual decision-makers better. More leads are generated when your audience feels you are speaking to them and with their interests in mind.

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Are you generating enough of the right kinds of leads?

Contact us to talk about your lead-generation challenges. We can discuss the various strategies and tactics available to improve the outcomes of your marketing efforts.

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