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Our Focus

We specialize in brand marketing for industrial manufacturers whose products and services represent considered purchases with complex buying cycles.

Industrial manufacturers have a branding partner they can trust

When you have a highly specialized need, you call in the specialists. Industrial brand marketing isn’t just something we do, it’s the only thing we do. The professionals at Centrifuge have decades of experience developing brands and enabling growth for industrial manufacturers. We connect directly with the leadership teams of the organization. Together we collaboratively define, build, and implement strategic marketing communications programs that move the business forward. Our ability to quickly learn and clearly communicate your unique products, services, technologies, and the markets you serve is unmatched.

Build industrial brands

We deal with facts, not fiction. By clearly defining the “why” and the “how” facts of your brand, and backing them up with real evidence, we create a compelling brand platform for you.

Align the organization on brand

When the teams throughout your manufacturing facility and sales channels are aligned on brand identity, they become a synchronized force that delivers on brand promise.

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Drive brand awareness

We will increase your reach to more prospects and customers by communicating clear value propositions through a strategic range of tactics and media channels.

Accelerate market engagement

Make your brand searchable and your content accessible. We have deep experience creating market-specific tools customers will actively engage, learn from, specify with, and trust.

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Support the sales process

From lead generation to the tools needed to facilitate presentations and sales, we know how to get the message right, the language right, and the technical details buttoned up.

Create and manage content

Industrial manufacturers have deep knowledge and understanding of their business. Our content teams are experts at learning and communicating your brand value to your markets.

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Is your branding partner focused on your needs?

Contact us to bring clarity to your industrial brand marketing efforts. We can focus our experience and expertise on your brand and business goals.

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Separate your brand from the competition.