Insight-driven, results-focused industrial marketing development for manufacturers

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We are highly skilled in the development of brand positioning and strategic marketing plans for industrial marketers looking to grow.

Insight-driven and results-focused plan development

Maximize the return on your brand marketing investments by laying the important groundwork first. Industrial brand marketing requires more than just “plan your work, then work your plan.” We dig deep to reveal the true value your company can offer. We help your organization agree and align on its value proposition. We identify your market opportunities and design the framework from which your brand messaging can excel. And we help you build and manage the budgeting and execution of your marketing communications plan.

Research and discovery

Effective strategies are built on a foundation of knowledge. From deep one-on-one qualitative research, to broader quantitative surveys, to investigative market reviews, the journalistic approach of our discovery process reveals the facts we need. Competitor reviews, analytics, and a range of SEO tools further inform our recommendations and creative executions.

Brand positioning

We help industrial manufacturers separate their brand from their competitors by clearly defining the distinguishing features and benefits of the company. With clear understanding of the leadership’s vision, the unique value propositions, and the brand image relevant to its competitors, we can determine the best brand strategies for moving forward.

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Identifying strategies and tactics

Knowing where you want to go is important. Identifying the best ways to get there is crucial. It’s not about doing everything possible, it’s about choosing the most effective paths. We empower your teams with the knowledge and belief of their brand, plus the tools they need. We fill the gaps and connect the dots in the buyer’s journey, focused on the end game.

Planning and budgeting

We help some of North America’s leading industrial manufacturing companies plan for and achieve growth through effective brand marketing. Most manufacturers are not internally staffed for branding and marketing, and they count on us to help establish the programs and the budgets they need. Our guidance is open, honest, and informed by experience.

What is strategic brand marketing?

Marketing backed by deep insights, hands-on collaboration, and agreement on direction. We can show you how to achieve your greater potential.

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Separate your brand from the competition.