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Ken Jackson

Principal + Creative Direction

Ken manages the creative output of Centrifuge while ensuring the brand experience is on strategy, fully engaging, and focused on results.

Ken Jackson side angle next to railroad tracks

With over 30 years of B2B marketing experience, Ken has worked alongside some of the industry's sharpest leaders on both the client and the agency sides of the business. Firmly grounded in the manufacturing world, these experiences laid the groundwork for his ability to deliver effective marketing communications to business owners and executives, engineers and specifiers, and other key decision-makers.

Throughout his career, Ken has been unrelenting in his quest to build the best teams for helping manufacturers grow. After establishing an internal communications department for a division of Chicago-based Newark Electronics, Ken joined one of the leading B2B agencies in the Midwest. As he mastered his craft, Ken grew from his position as art director to creative director, and then president of the firm, before finally co-founding Centrifuge.

Ken has served the needs of market leaders such as Lucent Technologies, Philips Electronics, and Siemens Industry and Automation. He has helped increase the market share of many industrial challenger brands through strategic sales and marketing initiatives.

Ken Jackson in front of railroad tracks looking at camera.
Ken Jackson in front of railroad tracks.
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