Lisa Jackson Digital Media Director at Centrifuge Brand Marketing

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Lisa Jackson

Principal + Digital Media Director

Lisa enhances our clients’ online and mobile brand experience. In addition, she is the driving force behind the video production capabilities of Centrifuge.

Lisa Jackson in front of railroad tracks. Hand on tree.

Brand engagement is driven through rich digital experiences, and video continues to be one of the most powerful tools in web design. An experienced front-end developer overseeing a full-stack development team, Lisa manages web applications from concept and design through development and hosting. She works closely with creatives as well as development teams for planning and execution.

“My passion is capturing the essence of people and the brands they represent … telling their stories through a rich blend of words, design, motion, and sound.”

Lisa is an accomplished and award-winning editor. She is the leader on all video projects at Centrifuge, coordinating from production through post-production. Her skills in web design and video editing with attention to detail, style, and storytelling, have been recognized with platinum and gold accolades from the Telly, Marcom, and Hermes award competitions.

With decades of marketing experience, Lisa has a keen eye for design, strong organizational skills, and great business sense. In an industry that continues to evolve, Lisa helps keep Centrifuge at the forefront of trends, technologies, and best practices.

Lisa Jackson in front windows in front of Centrifuge.
Lisa Jackson in front of railroad tracks.
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