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Steve Kostal

Marketing + Content Strategist

Steve is our resident insights-and-knowledge expert, responsible for all market research, competitive analysis, and performance metrics.

Steve Kostal in front of railroad tracks.

Working with clients to better understand their needs, Steve helps us to create effective content strategies and communications programs. He ensures we have the insights we need to maximize the effectiveness of communications. Steve also analyzes and reports on performance data for our clients’ marketing channels, identifying opportunities for enhanced success.

“I enjoy building marketing plans from the ground up, and then measuring the performance of our efforts and making recommendations based on analytics.”

With over 17 years of marketing experience, Steve has a solid understanding of the challenges every industrial manufacturer faces and what it takes to overcome them. He has cultivated a diverse skillset that encompasses campaign planning, budgeting, execution, and measurement. His continuously evolving skills in analytical services covers a breadth of marketing tactics, including marketing automation, email, and print and digital advertising. Steve manages media placement, as well as coordination and planning trade shows, actual and virtual.

Steve’s background includes manager-level roles in marketing departments of multimillion-dollar manufacturers. He is well-versed in the entire spectrum of marketing with specialties in product development, brand awareness, and omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Steve Kostal in front of railroad tracks.
Steve Kostal in front of train station.
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