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Barketing Director

The most outspoken member of the team, Turbo is always eager to contribute his viewpoint. A purebred Sheltie and true to his herding nature, he brings us together as a group and helps move us along.

Turbo laying down at back door of Centrifuge

Given the pace of business as it is, and the importance of the work we do, we owe a great deal of thanks to Turbo in recognition for all he does. While seemingly always busy with a variety of pet projects, Turbo is unfailing in his ability to deliver reassuring glances and smile-inducing tail wags. He begs us up out of our seats to get the energy flowing, and then instinctively drives us back to our desks to get our work done.

“Insights, strategy, and creative separation? Barketing is the hard part ... c’mon, throw me a bone.”

Turbo attended the University of Iowa in the fall of 2010 and was a big hit on campus, especially amongst the coeds. Turbo holds the distinction of being the only member of Centrifuge with a pedigree.

Turbo close up looking right.
Turbo sitting with ears up at the back door of Centrifuge.
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