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Step 3. Bring velocity to your business
Brand Image Accelerating Velocity

The third step in our process is to deliver the tactics necessary for your business to achieve velocity within your markets. In the world of industrial mechanics, velocity is defined as the rate of change from one position to another. The strategy is to generate creative marketing communications that actively help change your brand image from a position of simple awareness to a position of preference, and ultimately to a position of loyalty.

In support of the strategic marketing plan, your brand value will be communicated through tools designed to initiate change. Centrifuge will design and build the website your business needs, with clarity and structure, driven by relevant content and SEO. We will create videos that show how and why your brand is important. We will generate sales tools your teams will use because they will see their value. You will have a strategic range of communications your customers will seek out and engage.

Your marketing machine will be electrified with activity because of the mechanics it was designed and built upon. You will see goals reached and identify new opportunities to grow your business. With Centrifuge, you will achieve velocity with a partner that separates your brand from the competition.

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