Case study: Brand and product integration for industrial manufacturers

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Case Study: Brand and Product Integration

New Millennium has realized tremendous growth, standing today as North America’s second-largest provider of commercial steel building systems.

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Multiple acquisitions transformed this former regional player into a national brand with manufacturing facilities in 7 locations. Its most-recent acquisition added dozens of new products offering enhanced performance characteristics and architectural appeal.

See how “stronger horse” branding coupled with strategic product integration has boosted New Millennium’s position in the market and increased web traffic by over 30%.

A division of Steel Dynamics Inc., New Millennium engineers and manufactures a full range of steel building systems. Known for its collaborative approach and being a trusted alternative to the dominant competitor of steel joists and deck. Each of its manufacturing facilities serves unique markets with equally unique trends. Repeat business has traditionally focused on established relationships with fabricators, supplying industry standard products. Getting “on spec” has been a challenge and indicates the need for more upmarket brand awareness and development of relationships with engineers and architects. The addition of new building systems through a recent acquisition has increased their opportunities to appeal to the upmarket while introducing the challenges and complexities of offering a broad product line.


For each of its business acquisitions, New Millennium has taken the stronger horse approach, building on the reputation of its master brand. But the most recent acquisition was for the tooling of a competitor’s steel deck product lines that included several unique and established brand names. A product integration strategy was developed and implemented, broadening and diversifying the systems offered. A communication plan was designed with a focus on upmarket education and relationship building among architects and engineers to expand its reach, increase brand awareness, and to ultimately build brand preference. The website was restructured to better communicate the new systems. New tools were developed to facilitate the sales process, including binders addressing the needs of architects, interactive load table catalogs for engineers, and online design tools to streamline the specification process.


Website traffic by new visitors has increased by 30% since the launch of the new interface in May 2020. Education courses have awarded thousands of credit hours to engineers and architects. Q&A sessions typically lead to steel construction project sales opportunities. Design tools have expanded capacities to deliver 65,000+ permutations to meet the demands of engineered system solutions. High-profile projects across North America have been highlighted in trade publications and multiple case studies.

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