Case study: Endorsed brand and rebranding for industrial manufacturers

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Case Study: Endorsed Brand and Rebranding

Thunderbird provides experience, leadership, and capital investments for growth to the industrial manufacturers it acquires.

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Having built a respectable portfolio of diverse manufacturing companies, Thunderbird was in need of a cohesive brand platform. Opportunities for cross-selling and growth were being held back by lack of brand clarity and customer confusion.

See how an endorsed brand architecture brings added value, allowing the Thunderbird companies to act, look, and feel as one organization with common goals.

Thunderbird provides long-term strategic growth for American manufacturing companies through acquisition, experienced leadership, and capital investments. Each of the manufacturing companies owned by Thunderbird offer distinct capabilities and expertise while serving similar industries and applications. Thunderbird recognized the potential for growth through combined offerings, but therein lay the marketing challenge. Thunderbird—a relatively unknown name in the manufacturing space—owned two separate and established plastic injection molding companies whose brand recognition was limited to the Midwest market. And at the same time, Thunderbird owned Metal Impact, an extrusion manufacturer with a well-known brand, two locations, and national reach.


The strength and recognition of the Metal Impact brand dictated that an endorsed brand architecture was the best approach. This would allow for individual brand development that would be elevated by the higher-level promise of the endorsing parent brand. Our first step was to clearly define and build the brand identity of Thunderbird, the parent company. We worked closely with the leadership team to articulate its value proposition and then to elevate the look and feel of its marketing materials. During this process the two plastic injection molding companies were merged as one company with two fully operational manufacturing facilities. They were then rebranded with a new name and logo that meshed with Metal Impact so they could work more cohesively with each other. The brand promises for each company were defined, articulated, and executed across all marketing communications materials.


New positioning, identities, and logos based on endorsed-brand architecture. Each company received a new fully updated website and range of sales materials—all based on a common look and feel relative to the parent company. All three companies have begun to act, look, and feel as one organization with common goals. The first trade show to bring all three brands together in one location was at the Shot Show 2019 in Las Vegas. Brand recognition was achieved as well as newfound awareness for all three entities.

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