Case study: Brand and product integration for industrial manufacturers

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Case Study: Phased Brand Integration

ARCH has skyrocketed to become one of the leading precision contract manufacturers in North America while serving multiple demanding industries.

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Experiencing explosive growth through ongoing acquisitions, ARCH needed a brand management and integration process that would maximize the brand equity of each company acquired. With three distinct business groups under the master brand, ARCH also needed to clearly define and communicate its precision-manufacturing expertise and rapidly expanding capabilities across multiple markets.

See how phased brand integration streamlines and supports the acquisition strategies of ARCH, helping them to skyrocket to over $400 million in annual sales.

ARCH provides financial strength, capacity, and scalability to the companies it acquires. Leadership supports a culture of teamwork, preferring to have the existing management stay on to become an integral part of the ARCH family. The vision is for a unified company with a national footprint, one brand that is regarded as the preferred supplier to American manufacturers. Established relationships with trusted and certified processes are extremely important to the medical, aerospace and defense, and high-tech industrial markets they serve. Capacity and stability are important business attributes as well. The timeline for brand transition and integration of each acquired company must take into careful consideration its brand equity and the unique requirements of its customers.


Due to the complexities of its corporate structure, markets served, and aggressive growth plans, ARCH represents the combination of multiple brand strategies. Its vision to build one master brand with multiple business groups requires a branded house strategy. This approach maintains the focus on a single, consistent brand with a unified voice. But to address its frequent acquisitions and the diverse range of brand equity factors that creates, a phased brand integration approach is used for each company acquired. Careful attention is given to identifying new value propositions in addition to conducting need-gap analysis, assets review, and brand equity assessment in order to establish a plan and timeline for transition and integration. The website, literature, and sales presentations are designed to be nimble and allow for ongoing updates and modifications.


Since refocusing its brand strategy in 2015, ARCH has more than doubled in size, with over 1,600 employees, 32 locations in 17 states, and annual revenues surpassing $400 million. The combination of brand strategies has allowed a single, unified brand to rise above the competition while supporting the unique needs of each business group and enabling smooth transitions for each acquired company.

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