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John Barnett

Principal + Strategic Services

John oversees our initial discovery process to help you and your leadership team agree on the strategic direction for bringing better solutions to better-defined customer problems.

John Barnett in front of railroad tracks. Hand on steel beam

John started out with a liberal arts education in English, art, and journalism, followed by post-graduate studies in business administration at DePaul. He then entered the world of industrial tools and systems, working for Ingersoll Rand. There, John was drawn in by the technical side of the business and trained to become a repair technician: He learned what makes electro-mechanical systems and manufacturers tick.

A combined interest in technology and writing led John into the field of industrial marketing. Initially employed as a technical writer at a B2B agency, he soon developed 1:1 interview methods among specifying engineers to become an industrial market researcher. This led to closer work with manufacturing leaders wanting to develop marketing strategies based on deeper customer segment insights. Over the years, John’s close work with industrial leadership teams and his studies in the area of organizational change have helped him to understand and appreciate the profoundly important challenges industrial leaders face. Industrial leaders wanting to help their companies grow are in need of change. They need brand marketing that facilitates agreement on the company’s identity, value propositions, strategies, and greater potential in the marketplace.

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