John Barnett Principal and Strategic Services at Centrifuge Brand Marketing

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John Barnett

Founding Partner (Retired)

With a passion for industrial brand marketing guided by deep insights, John helped build Centrifuge from the ground up. Our clients, team members, and partners are grateful for John’s drive, determination, and dedication to business growth.

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Facilitating growth for industrial manufacturers, John’s core area of interest is the intersection of brand identity and organizational change. He is especially talented at helping industrial leaders align these functions to create distinguished value in their marketplaces.

“The decision to go to market is a decision to take a stand on a unique promise. Centrifuge helps industrial leaders create, communicate, and align their organizations to deliver on that promise.”

A combined interest in technology and writing led John into the field of industrial marketing. Initially employed as a technical writer at a B2B agency, he soon developed his 1:1 interview methods as a qualitative researcher. This skillset enables collaboration with manufacturing leaders and the development of marketing strategies based on customer insights.

John feels privileged to have co-founded Centrifuge and is proud of the agency’s continuing mission to “own the challenge” industrial marketing leaders face, by helping them communicate more effectively in the areas of branding, marketing, and organizational change.

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